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Posted: 2015-04-21 Permanent Link

If you’ve been on twitter, or any social media service today, you might have seen that #mobilegeddon is a trending topic. What does this mean? Well, starting from today, Google will be using mobile-friendlinesss in it’s ranking algorithm. If you already updated your website to provide an optimized mobile experience, you should be benefiting from it starting today. If you have not, you will experience a reduction in the ranking of your site on mobile search results.

Google has clearly stated that it’s in favour of a responsive design approach, this is the mobile approach that Mocoda adopted over a year ago, and is used in all of the websites we develop today.

We have a number of clients that are concerned about #mobilegeddon and have already signed for a mobile redesign. If you are concerned, you can get started by testing your pages, and make sure your site passes the Google mobile-friendly test. If your site doesn’t pass your Google ranking will be impacted, give us a call and we would be happy to discuss how Mocoda can help.

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Our Recommendation For Social Media Management = Mocoda Interactive

Posted: 2014-01-07 Permanent Link
Our Recommendation For Social Media Management = Mocoda Interactive

An active Social Media Management program can be a huge investment for the average small or medium sized business. There are the hard costs of Social Media Tools, like Sprout Social, that come at a hefty price tag starting at $39/user/month, buying tablets and smartphones to manage the accounts, and then there are the softer costs of owner or employee time and in some situations even hiring dedicated employees to take on the task. But there is an alternative, outsourcing your Social Media Management to Mocoda Interactive for a fraction of the cost.

  1. Regular Social Posts: Mocoda Interactive will create unique posts for your business at the most appropriate time for your audience, ensuring that people have the best chance of reading your posts, these posts can also be placed on your website’s blog.
  2. Supported Social Networks: Mocoda Interactive currently provides this service for Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Google + Pages, Foursquare, Mixi, Tumblr, Flickr, Vimeo, YouTube, Instagram (Monitor Only).
  3. Extensive and Informative Reports: Posting great content is all well and good, but you need to know how many people are reading it as well? Mocoda Interactive will provide an extensive report on the activity within you social networks.
  4. Support for your Blog: Mocoda Interactive will also ensure that your blog posts are sent out to your chosen social networks.
  5. Ongoing Monitoring of Social Networks: Beyond creating and posting great content, we can actively monitor your social networks to ensure that any audience inquiries and comments have responses quickly.

If you would like to talk to know more about outsourcing your Social Media Management or you have any questions please contact us we would be happy to help.

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Our Predictions for 2014 and Beyond!

Posted: 2014-01-01 Permanent Link
Our Predictions for 2014 and Beyond!

Lets start with some statistics as we close off 2013. As of September 2013 the top social networks (based on registered users) were Facebook 1.15 Billion, Google + 1.01 Billion, Twitter 500 Million, Instagram 150 Million, and Pinterest 70 Million. The tremendous growth of social media has made it a valuable marketing tool for businesses of all sizes.

Increased Importance Google +

Google+ has become an increasingly popular social platform, but its integration with all Google products including search results and Google Authorship makes it an absolute requirement in 2014. This means that setting up your Google + accounts and being active on Google+, even a little bit, should improve search results for your website.

Social Service Teams and Outsourcing

Teams monitoring social media for customer service enquiries and complaints have already started to become the norm. We saw excellent examples of this during the Toronto Ice Storm in December, where Hydro companies and Cities responded to enquiries and provided regular updates. Medium sized companies will either hire new employees with previous social media experience or will start to train existing employees. Smaller companies that cannot afford the additional cost of full-time employees will outsource this responsibility. Social Media is time consuming and an outdated or empty social presence can be harmful. Our social media management services will help you with deal with your online presence on Facebook, Google +, Pinterest, Twitter, and Linkedin. Keep your social media sites current and respond to your followers quickly for as little as $50/week, contact us to get started.

The Rise of Mobile

We expect that two thirds of web traffic will be Mobile in 2014. Mobile has been a game changer for designers as it changes the way we design websites, images, videos, etc. There is nothing more frustrating than viewing a website that isn’t responsive or mobile friendly. in 2013 we’ve seen the traffic originating from a mobile device (phone or tablet) increase to almost 50%. Starting in 2014 all websites built by Mocoda Interactive will be responsive, which will provide an optimal viewing experience, easy reading and navigation with a minimum of resizing, panning, and scrolling, across a wide range of devices including desktops, phones and tablets. If you are interested in updating your site to a Responsive site, contact us to get started.

Rise of Visual Storytelling

We have always said that professional photography enhances the look of your website and print material, but in 2014 we expect a strong shift towards increased use of photography, short videos, and concise text that combined tell a deeper story than long-form text. Of course Mocoda Interactive provides professional photographers and videographers to develop distinctive imagery that can be used throughout the website and print material, contact us to get started.

New Support Packages Available

Our new support packages provide on-going “how to” support, Website Security Services and Maintenance. At $50 per month this is quite a bargain! Separately these services add up to over $1000 per year. Take advantage, contact us to arrange for a support package for your website!

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