Palladium Addict

The Palladium Addict group are a fun bunch of fans of a particular chain of resorts, Grand Palladium Resorts & Spas by the Fiesta Hotel Group. The resulting site is just as fun as the group!

The site design includes all of the social media features, blog, twitter, facebook, support with a chatroom and a forum. The very large site includes the details of each resort, broken out by the destination. A special feature is a custom vacation countdown ticker was built for use in the forum.

The site is a commercial operation, ad support was built throughout the site, which allows the owner to manage static/rotating display ad space that can be sold directly to businesses or just use Google Adsense.

The site is a huge success and receives over 1/2 million hits a month!

Palladium Addict Palladium Addict Palladium Addict

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