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Our Service Offerings

Mocoda Interactive is your web design, development, and marketing solutions partner! It’s our job to help you to reach your customers online and off with our highly effective proven solutions! Since 1996 we’ve completed hundreds of projects with hundreds of happy clients, that’s why they keep coming back! Don’t take our word for it, see what our clients are saying.

Now is the time.

Walking down the street with a smartphone or lounging at home on a tablet, your customers are searching Google, Yahoo!, and Bing for products and services. It’s time for you to be found on-line, where your customers are looking! Not only that, we can help you get your clients talking and recommending your products and services on Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, and Instagram.

Mocoda Interactive provides a wide range of creative services tailored to small and medium sized businesses that will will let you claim top results in your local market and grab the attention of local buyers ahead of your competition.

Web Design and Development

We have the breadth of experience to meet any challenge; whether you’re launching your first Web site, or looking to revamp your existing one, our team can help.

A successful web site is vital to creating a positive, lasting impression with your customers. Mocoda develops engaging, mobile-friendly designs that create memorable on-line experiences and deliver results.

We provide custom designs for every budget. You’ll work one-on-one with a skilled Web designer who will build a strong Web presence. Setting yourself apart from the competition has never been easier!

Vastly improve communications, processes, sales and your bottom line.

Going online to the Internet greatly improves the ease with which you can communicate with the rest of the world. Every business, however small, should consider using the internet. The Internet enables you to sell 24 hours a day and the sales process can be fully automated. Your Internet shop can attract a new customer base and enhance service for existing customers.

Mocoda Interactive has the experience to understand these issues and can assist you in your efforts to shift your business online and mobile! We’ve helped many growing companies, just like yours, realize true business impact.

Change is Good

You already have a Web site, but you’re not so happy with it, maybe it was built by your best friend’s cousin’s niece who took an HTML course in high school. Whether you need a simple cosmetic change or a from-the-ground-up overhaul, Mocoda Interactive is up for the challenge.

What your best friend’s cousin’s niece didn’t understand is that design is more than flashy scrolling text, design needs to incorporate proper planning so that a Web site not only looks good, it can also handle upcoming changes in a company, like new products, new processes, and new staff. The key is to create a Web site that’s as up-to-date as you can manage and flexible enough to accommodate change.

Proper design must anticipate the challenges of the next redesign as you plan for this one.

Mocoda Interactive has redesigned many Web sites for our clients and we are up to the challenge of redesigning your Web site, give us a call and we’ll walk you through the process.

Take Control of your Website.

Mocoda Interactive builds websites using a set of content management tools based on open-standards and an enterprise-class database. The content management system (or CMS for short) provides our clients with an extensive web-based toolkit allowing for remote administration of their website. A CMS is the perfect choice for any web presence from personal and business blogs to photo galleries and e-commerce sites.

A Content Management System separates the website design from the website content. It gives you the ability to manage your website content, including text, pictures, media, and navigational structure, simply and safely without requiring any programming knowledge. Content Management Systems let you reduce your overall cost of deployment and maintenance of a website by allowing you to make updates yourself instead of paying a web designer.

We believe that the benefits are so compelling, that a CMS is included with every site we design. Actually, we liked it so much that we built this site using it. A complimentary one hour, one on one training session is included with every site we develop.

Search and Social Media

Let’s face it, the days of the Yellow Pages and advertising in the local paper are gone. The vast majority of people never pick-up a phone book, in fact for many municipalities in North America phone book delivery is no longer automatic. Also the limited visibility of a local paper advertising can be is prohibitively expensive to obtain real results. Social Media Marketing coupled with your own website is the most economical and effective solution today.

Social Media Marketing

We will work with you to develop a plan for success with Social Media within your company. Setting up Social Media security best practices for your business and employees. Discover your social media voice and which channels are best for reaching your audience. Then help you understand how to monitor and track success!

Social Media Integration

Your website needs to stay up-to-date and advertise your social communication channels. We can update your site to integrate a blog or news/events feed, integrate Social Media links into your website, set-up social accounts for you and ensure you have a successful launch to your social media strategy!

Social Media Management (or Outsourcing)

Social Media is time consuming. Creating content, publishing, monitoring, responding…an outdated or empty social presence can be harmful. Let us do your social in social media. Our social media management services will help you with deal with your online presence on Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter, and Linkedin. Keep your social media sites current and respond to your followers quickly for as little as $50/week, contact us to get started.

Search Engine Optimization

In today’s highly competitive world of business, you can’t afford to have a web site that’s not found by search engines. If that happens, you have just wasted all the money you spent on your site, because your website is only going to be found the people you personally tell about it.

Your site won’t attract new business for you and it won’t bring you new clients!

Understanding the complex relationships between search engines and optimizing your site is crucial to search engine success, that’s why search engine submission and optimization is included with every custom site we develop.

Local Promotion

Think Local Search Engine Optimization, we can help you reach a very narrow or localized market, your small town, city, state or province. We help you understand your market, then build a plan to target them, through Local Search Engine Optimization, link building, and other promotional strategies.

Mocoda Interactive has unbeatable web promotions packages that take advantage of Mocoda’s network of websites. This network provides our clients with a true strategic advantage and a unique way to build traffic very quickly. Contact us to find out more.

Photography Services

Professional photography always enhances the look of your website and print material and really sets you apart from your competition. We have professional photographers available to develop distinctive imagery that can be used throughout the website and print material.

Common uses for photography are:

  • Facilities and location tours
  • Services shots
  • Products shots
  • Staff photos
  • Mood (theme) photos
  • Action shots

Our professional photography services are more than just someone than just a point-and-shoot camera, we use professional grade equipment, cameras, lenses, and lighting to provide you with the best quality products. Each image is then professionally edited to provide the perfect look for the application. Again, this is something you just can’t get from your buddy that has a digital camera and a computer.

Graphic and Print Design

Every business wants to have a strong memorable brand that maximizes the success of their business.

Our range of design skills ensures that your branding is effectively expressed and consistently delivered across all mediums, from the moment your logo is created to the time it goes to the printer, gets displayed on the web or put up on a billboard.

Our print and graphic design services we can help you build a brand that’s capable setting you apart from your competition and effective with your customers.

Print and Graphic Design Services:

  • Logos
  • Business Cards and Stationery
  • Brochures, Mailers, Postcards, Flyers
  • Advertisements
  • Presentations
  • …and more

Yes, we can arrange for printing of your business cards, letterhead, envelopes, and other material!

Copy Writing Services

Written text is the most critical component of any website, you need to get this right! Mocoda Interactive can provide the services of a Copy Writer to assist with the development of the website text, blog articles, and promotional content.

Professional Copy Writer services and fees range widely depending on specialty and experience; for example a site with 10 pages of text can range from $2,500 to $5,000 or more. Mocoda Interactive has arranged for special pricing for small businesses to get the perfect text for your site at a fraction of the standard costs.

Stop struggling with your written content!

Link this in with our Search and Social Media services for an unbeatable combination!

Website Support

Support packages provide on-going “how to” support, Website Security Services and Maintenance. These include:

  • How To Support provides you with one request or 1/2 hours’ worth, (whichever comes first) of issue support every month.
  • Mocoda Website Security Services (WSS) will be initiated on your site to prevent attacks by hackers and monitor any malicious activity on your website, we will also take regular monthly backups of your site and provide rapid recovery should the unthinkable happen.
  • Regular CMS Upgrades will be provided automatically. You will be kept up-to-date with the latest bug fixes, security enhancements, and system features. You will never be left behind again!
  • CMS Users Guide Updates all changes to the CMS through upgrades are documented in our CMS Users Guide. A new user guide will be provided after each CMS upgrade.
  • Domain Renewal is Free for your primary domain for as long as you are under a support contract, never worry about losing your web address again!

At $50 per month this is quite a bargain! Separately CMS upgrades, WSS, Domain renewal, and Support is more than $1500/year. Take advantage, contact us to arrange for a support package for your website!

Web Hosting

Like renting office space for your business, your web site needs space on the Internet, or Hosting. Mocoda provides reliable, worry free hosting that has everything you need, so you don’t have to worry. Our shared (virtual) hosting services are available exclusively to our web design clients.

  • Domain Registration and Renewal $25/year (.ca domains $30/year)
  • Domain Transfers $25/attempt (.ca domains $30/attempt)
  • Hosting $280/year (That’s only $23.50/month) – Our Everything Package includes 100 Mb of Disk Space and 1 Gb of Bandwidth
  • Additional 5 Gb Bandwidth $250/year
  • Additional 500 Mb Disk Space $250/year

Remember that unlike other companies, these services are only available to our design clients, this allows us to provide a higher quality of service and support. You never need to figure out how to use control panels or domain managers, just call or email us and we make the changes for you. Full service hosting and domain management!!

Don’t hesitate to contact us so we can arrange an obligation-free discussion.

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